What to Look For in Hiring a Landscape Company

What to Look For in Hiring a Landscape Company

How to Hire a Landscaping Contractor
Finding a landscaping contractor is not a difficult task, but assessing the qualifications
and business practices of an individual or a company can require substantial effort
on the part of the consumer on how to landscape.

How We Stand Apart
– We carry workers compensation insurance and business liability insurance appropriate to our operation, and for the entire duration of the project.

– We are appropriately licensed to do the type of work – landscaping proposed in your community.

 – We comply with all state and federal labor laws to work for you in your town and/or city landscape projects.

 – We employ state-licensed pesticide applicators to apply chemicals like Scotts Lawn Care Service performs.

 – We employ staff who are properly trained in how to landscape and are qualified to operate the machinery used.

 – We provide a written estimate that details the cost of your landscape improvement, the materials being used, and our contractual obligations for your garden landscape.

 – We can provide a portfolio of landscape photography of our work as well as references.

 – We have a Landscape Industry Certified professional on staff.
– Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care Service
– Weeding, Fertilizing, Core Aerating
– Pruning
– Mulching
– Spring Clean-Up & Fall Clean-Up
– Annuals & Containers
– Snow Removal


Landscape Designing/Landscape Architecture
– Site Analysis
– Landscape Ideas
– Outdoor Kitchens & Outdoor Living Room Areas
– Garden Landscape to include Vegetable Gardens, Perennial Gardens, Annual Gardens
– Sport Courts
– Pools & Outdoor Spas
– Water Features, ponds, fountains
– Fireplaces & Fire Pits
– Plant Installation
– Landscape Edging
– Retaining Walls
– Excavating & Grading
– Carpentry & Decks
– Landscape Lighting Contractor
– Landscape Stone
– Brick & Concrete Masonry
– Landscape Rock
– Fences & Gates
– Green Roofs & Walls
– Patios, Driveways, Walks
– Irrigation System including drip irrigation
– Erosion/Flood Control

– Landscape Trees
– Tree Care/Arborist
– Soil Preparation
– Weed, Insect & Disease Control just like Scotts Lawn Care Service performs
– Nursery Sales
– Ecological Plantings