First Impression Landscape and Garden Ideas

First Impression Landscape and Garden Ideas

Very often the front yard is landscaped with the common-place monotone foundation shrubs, which have been sheared into every geometric shape imaginable and provide little in terms of multi-seasonal interest.  When a you start the design process of landscaping your home, approach the front yard as the “first impression” that a guest coming to your home would experience.


Front Entrance Lake Geneva Landscape Design Ideas, Sheldon Landscape


Work to screen out undesirable views while framing the desirable ones.  Use large trees to anchor the corners of the house and help transition the lines of the house into the landscape.  Plants should be used to layer, informally or formally, depending on the style of architecture to accentuate the features of your home.  The entry walk should be designed to be very welcoming, with an inviting width in the paving and big impact flowering beds to catch the eye. 



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As one proceeds up your walk, consider including an “outdoor foyer space”, which can be accented with a decorative bench or a collection of multi-sized ornamental pots for additional color.  Your front yard is not just meant to be viewed in passing, but provide a comfortable place to sit and be enjoyed.