5 Reasons to Consider a Landscape Design-Build Firm for Your Project

5 Reasons to Consider a Landscape Design-Build Firm for Your Project

Hiring one company to do both landscape design and construction can simplify the process, says Falon Mihalic, a Houzz contributor.  Falon continues “For homeowners who are looking to get a landscape project under way, a landscape design-build firm streamlines the process. Using a design-build service may have pluses and minuses, depending on the scope of work and goals of the project. Landscape design-build companies are typically landscape contractors — some with a landscape architect on staff — who package a design service with installation.” Read more of Falon Mihalic’s thoughts on the pros and cons for deciding if a landscape design construction company is right for you:


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Tiered Lake Front Landscape Design for steep lakefront footage, Lake Geneva WI, Sheldon Landscape


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