Look closely for small sweat bees visiting your flowers throughout the growing season says Heather Holm, a Houzz Contributor.  Holm continues, small sweat bees are a large genus of bees (Lasioglossum) that are active throughout the growing season. Many species in this genus are very small and often go unnoticed while they are visiting flowers. Like sweat bees, small sweat bees will also land on your skin on a hot summer day to feed on your sweat. Be sure to look before you swat, because these gentle, tiny bees may tickle you with their tongues but have no interest in stinging and need continuing flowering plants all season.  Read more: http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/69037985?utm_source=Houzz&utm_campaign=u3276&utm_medium=email&utm_content=gallery13


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Tuesday, 28 June 2016 10:57

Caring for your Lawn

Now that the weather has warmed up in the Lake Geneva region, we finally have the opportunity to begin spending time outdoors and enjoy our landscapes.  To keep your property looking its best, there are summer lawn guidelines that should be followed.

To best care for your lawn, mow height need to be established for your  lawn and lawn mower blades should be sharpened frequently. The lawn cut direction needs to be modified weekly to prevent ruts and encourage consistent growth.  In addition, a lawn weed-control and fertilization program should be implemented to keep weeds at bay and your lawn healthy.



Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Services, Sheldon Landscape

This is designed to improve growing conditions, enhance vigorous root growth and feed the lawn over an extended period of time.  Professionally applied fertilizers are important to keep your lawn investment healthy.  Professional landscape companies are both knowledgeable and specifically trained to care for your property and answer all your questions.  Professional landscape contractors respect their client's landscape maintenance needs and strive to provide all of the needed services.

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Designing a landscape is so much more than just about plants and patios. What do you remember about a special landscape? The maple trees, the bed of petunias, the driveway? It's not the specifics, but the feel of the space that evokes memories. With landscape design the space is multi-dimensional, artistic and sensory. It's not just about what plants go where, it's about all the landscape ideas you have when determining how to landscape your property and the materials and supplies needed.



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Our landscape architects look at the site from many views when creating a landscape design. Creating a feeling is what landscape design is all about. One aspect of design that should not be overlooked is the use of structures in the landscape. Unique landscape structures add dimension and interest to any design. A container pot, custom designed pergola, which supports a client's favorite fragrant plant, may be a design focus. Or a pergola that not only protects a family from the afternoon sun, but repeats an architectural element of the home is as important as the plants and hardscapes.


Pergola Ideas, Lake Geneva Wisconsin, Sheldon Landscape

Each design should be unique to the owners, their home, property and desires. By incorporating unique pieces of sculpture (fountains, pots and statues) as well as custom built structures such as gazebos, pergolas and arbors, the design becomes personal. Landscape design is more than just placing plants; garden structures have become an integral element as well, and should be an important part of each project.


Outdoor Dining Room Idea - stone fireplace and raised stone plant beds, bluestone patio floor, pergola with outdoor chandelier - Sheldon Landscape in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin



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Thursday, 16 June 2016 09:42

Seed or Sod for your Perfect Lawn

A quality lawn, containing the recommended mixture of grass varieties and species, can be established with either seed or sod. The soil preparation for these two methods does not differ.  Initially, seed is less expensive than sod.  However, successful, weed-free establishment is more difficult with seed than with sod.  Sodding provides an immediate pleasing turf that is quickly functional.


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Backyards Built for Fun

Unusual features encourage playfulness and relaxation in these outdoor spaces says Laura Gaskill, a Houzz Contributor.  Laura continues, who says your backyard has to be boring? With creative playhouses, hammocks, skateboard ramps and more, these 10 outdoor spaces prove that the backyard can be the place to hang out all season. Read and see them all:


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Force flowering branches indoors or see if you can spy any early-flowering bulbs peeping out from the ground says Barbara Pintozzi, a Houzz Contributor.  Pintozzi continues, Great Lakes gardeners might be feeling as if winter will never end. What's a gardener to do, other than head south? Fortunately, the days are getting longer, winter is on the wane and there are a few flowers in the garden to cheer the soul. February provides a last opportunity to get things done in the garden before the arrival of spring, and a chance to get a jump on next season's garden http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/6864304/list/Great-Lakes-Gardener-s-February-Checklist  , it's only 28 days; it will be over quickly. 

Courtesy houzz.com and  Barbara Pintozzi

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Bluestone Ideas in your Garden
Classy bluestone is a great paving material for both modern and rustic patios and paths says Falon Mihalic, a Houzz Contributor.  Falon continues, bluestone is a common name for many different stone types around the world. In the United States, bluestone refers to a type of sandstone quarried on the East Coast with a predominantly blue to blue-gray color. It’s a popular paving material because it brings a beautiful hue to the garden and is suitable for modern as well as rustic styles. Here are Mihalic suggestions: http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/51126451?utm_source=Houzz&utm_campaign=u1510&utm_medium=email&utm_content=gallery18


Bluestone Patio, Schmechtig Landscapes, Barrington, Illinois; Sheldon Landscape in Lake Geneva is part of the Schmechtig Landscapes Family of Companies.



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Many of you are familiar with Horticultural Hall located at 330 Broad Street in Lake Geneva.  It was built for the Lake Geneva Horticultural Society and the Lake Geneva Gardner's and Foreman’s Association and is on the National Register of Historic Places.  Sheldon Landscape's President, Michael Schmechtig, is a board member for Horticultural Hall assisting in the preservation and management of this wonderful Arts and Crafts structure.  Recently Schmechtig and the other Board Members completed the B.G. O’Reilly Memorial Fountain project to honor the Hall’s past Executive Director. This project was made possible through generous memorial donations and Sarah O’Reilly.  Everyone is invited to see the fountain and the beautiful improvements first-hand on June 12th from 6 to 8 pm, for Donor’s Day.  The Horticultural Society will be honoring, celebrating and thanking the Lake Geneva Garden Club who is celebrating their 100th anniversary, and a major supporter of the Hall.  The evening will consist of music, beverages and food.  Also this year’s Farmer’s Market, one of the best in the area, is held on Thursday’s until October 29th at Horticultural Hall.

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Wednesday, 27 May 2015 09:35

Outdoor Showers and How to Get One

Fred Albert, Houzz Contributor says the new project for a new year: Experience bathing in a whole new light with a shower in the fresh air. Fred continues, showering often feels like more of an obligation than a pleasure — especially if you exercise and have to take more than one a day. Which might explain the burgeoning popularity of outdoor showers. “You’re showering outside in the elements, and there’s something about that that intrigues people,” says Phil Regan, principal designer at Hutker Architects.  Outdoor showers have become so popular, Regan can’t remember a time he did a house without one. (Of course, that might have something to do with the fact that his office is in Martha’s Vineyard, an upscale resort island off the coast of Massachusetts.) But even if you’re not a block from the beach (or the nearest neighbor), outdoor showers can shake up your routine and make you feel closer to nature.

Read and see more:


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Do you love Roses and have always wanted a Rose Garden?  Here are 11 tips even a casual gardener can implement to grow beautiful roses:



Provided by House Beautiful and msn.com  




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