Nearby landscapes and wild habitats can inspire your garden design and help welcome even more wildlife says Benjamin Vogt, a Houzz Contributor.  Vogt continues, we all want to help wildlife and see it thrive in our gardens. Providing native plants that pollinators know and have evolved with is critical, as is matching the right plants to the site conditions. But it’s not just plant selection we should think about when encouraging wildlife. We should also think about what habitats they use. In particular, we should notice what wild and human-made landscapes occur around our homes, and how we can strengthen, extend or replicate those landscapes in our gardens to encourage more wildlife like birds, frogs and beneficial insects to visit.  Here are 4 areas to consider:
1. Extend a tree line.
2. Augment or build a hedgerow.
3. Connect to a meadow or prairie.
4. Miniaturize a pond or wetland.

Read and see more of Benjamin Vogt ideas here:


Sheldon Landscape, Lake Geneva



Sheldon Landscape, Lake Geneva

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Driveways With Curb Appeal

Get creative with plantable pavers, stone slabs, geometric concrete patterns and less traditional paving materials, says Lauren Dunec Hoang, a Houzz Contributor & landscape designer.  Hoang continues, driveways can take up a lot of front yard real estate but are rarely given as much thought as other areas of the garden. Instead of seeing the area as simply a track for cars, look at the driveway as an opportunity to increase curb appeal and set the tone for your front yard. Here are nine examples of driveway materials and placement that go beyond the usual pavers, cobbles and gravel to complement different styles of front yards. See them here:

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Cooler evenings are approaching and thoughts of fire pits come to mind.  If you are thinking about installing one, decide what type you want - wood, gas, ecosmart and will this be a built in or one that you can move around your property or take with you if you move.  Here are 6 Fire Pits to inspire from's lifestyles home and garden section:



Fire Pit Ideas, Sheldon Landscape, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

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Black cherry (Prunus serotina) is a common deciduous tree in Midwestern and Eastern forests, but it’s unusual, says Heather Holm, a Houzz Contributor.
Holm's continued, most of the deciduous trees in these North American woodlands are wind-pollinated, producing separate male and female flowers before the leaves emerge in early spring. Black cherry trees, however, flower in late spring after the leaves have emerged, producing showy white flower racemes that attract a number of native bees. The resulting fruit, maturing from red to dark blue, is sought after by berry-eating birds, including waxwings and American robins.  Black cherry can be used as a stand-alone shade tree in medium, well-drained soil, or incorporated into a naturalized planting along the edge of a woodland. The interesting scaly bark, showy white flowers and vibrant fall foliage color make this an attractive tree to use in both traditional and naturalized landscapes.  Read and see more:


Courtesy of and Heather Holm

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Paths, whether stretching from street to door or winding through gardens, have always intrigued me, says Jay Sifford, a Houzz Contributor. Sifford continues, perhaps it’s because their lines lead the eye and there are so many great design and material options for them, yet they often are so unimaginatively designed. Paths can and should tell a story, elicit emotion, promote exploration and make a meaningful connection with land and architecture. How do yours measure up? Jay Sifford, guides us through materials and placement choices that will take your pathways from ordinary to extraordinary:



Garden Path Landscape Design Ideas from Sheldon Landscape, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin



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6 Ways to Cool Off Without Air Conditioning

Turn off that cash-guzzling, energy-hogging A/C — these methods of cooling your home and your body are cheaper and kinder to the planet from Mariana Pickering, a Houzz contributor and Owner of Emu Building Science.  Pickering continues, having an air conditioner is a near-must in climates where months-long heat waves are a summer norm. (We’re fanning our faces with you, Houston and Atlanta!) And with that comes an equally scorching energy bill. Even in regions with gentler climates, homeowners can still experience enough hot days in a row to nearly go mad.  It doesn’t have to be so hard. Whether you want to save money by running your air conditioner less or brave the heat without one, here are six steps that will help you stay cool:


Courtesy of and Mariana Pickering, a Houzz contributor

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Unique and Distinctive Secret Gardens

Unique secret gardens create a sense of discovery in your garden with an unexpected clearing, a shady arbor or a secluded nook says Karen Chapman, a contributor.  Chapman continues, it can be a retreat we share with others or use for private contemplation. Whatever the size, purpose or place, the key feature remains the same — it needs to be at least partially hidden from the outside world: a secret garden.
Here are a few ideas to get you started. Many of these projects are possible to complete in a weekend or less:



Secret Garden with Waterfall and Pond, Sheldon Landscape Lake Geneva, Wisconsin



Distinctive Secret Sitting Area, Sheldon Landscape Lake Geneva, Wisconsin



Secret Garden Path, Sheldon Landscape Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

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11 Ways Landscaping Can Save You Money

Thoughtful evaluation can yield valuable insights that will help you both beautify your garden and stretch your household budget as you approach the fall planting season. Try some of these 11 landscaping modifications that can beef up your bottom line:

Courtesy of home and garden section, Debra Immergut and Bob



Trees in your Landscape Design Saves on your Energy Bills, Lake Geneva Landscape Design and Build Company - Sheldon Landscape

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Don’t let summer’s heat go to your head. These U.S. gardening guides will help you make sensible choices for all of your plantings, says Annie Thornton, a Houzz Editorial Staff Member.  Thorton continues, there is much to be done and enjoyed in the August garden. Butterflies abound, while the magenta, burgundy and orange hues of late-summer bloomers foreshadow fall colors. Give your containers and summer edibles some love by keeping them appropriately watered and fed. Deadhead spent summer flowers for repeat blooms — or let them set seed to provide food and habitat for wildlife through the coming months. As you go, take stock of what you see in the yard, preparing for fall planting. Here’s what to do in U.S. gardens in August:



Lake Geneva Lakefront Landscape Design and Build Project, Sheldon Landscape

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We are halfway through the summer are you happy with the landscape company you are working with?  Have you taken the time to walk your property?  It's time to evaluate your home's outdoor spaces. Is it everything you want it to be? A landscaping company will work with you to improve your yard into an extension of your indoor living spaces.  From weekly lawn and grounds visits, to planting gardens and trees, to building decks and patios, the yard and services you deserve awaits.



Lakeside Patio, Sheldon Landscape, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Here are a some questions to ask a landscape company. 
What landscape services do you offer? Ask about all the services they provide.  Does the landscape company offer routine lawn maintenance?  If you're looking for a company to do weed trimming, lawn mowing, edging, fertilizing, weed control and watering, specifically ask if they offer these services; don't assume.



Lake Geneva Estate Landscape Design, Constructon and Maintenance- Sheldon Landscape

Ask about ideas to transform your yard into a beautiful living space like planting trees; designing and building patios, pergolas, arbors, fireplaces and fire pits, water features like pools, spa's and ponds, outdoor lighting systems, retaining walls, drainage and more. 
Does the company do the work themselves or is the work subcontracted?  If the company subcontracts the work, are they reliable? Is their work of a high quality? Ask for references to see exactly what the end results of their landscape projects look like.
What is the company's guarantee on the work performed at your home?  Make sure the company will stand behind their work including maintenance and planting and lawn improvements. Find out if they will replace items that die within a specific period of time or bad craftsmanship.


Landscape Installation and Design, Sheldon Landscape, Lake Geneva, WI.

Ask for their certificate of insurance while they work on your property.
Do you receive a monthly invoice or statement of account? Learn about when payments are due and if they take debit and credit cards for convenience.
Can you obtain a list of references and samples of their work? Drive to the addresses provided by the landscaper. Does the landscaping look maintained? Are there areas of the landscape you like? Does the lawn look healthy?



Landscape Maintenance in Lake Geneva - Sheldon Landscape Company

Find a company that aligns with you. Asking questions and being honest about your needs and monthly budget will ensure your satisfaction with the landscape and lawn company you choose.

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