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Courtyard Gardens

Courtyard gardens are gardens enclosed by walls, buildings or fences on more than two sides. They have many uses and offer unique design elements for your home and landscape. By incorporating a courtyard garden into the design you can make good use of exterior walls and form a protected space that provides a comfortable seating area. You are also able to establish a unique garden area and create an attractive focal point from both inside the house and from the rest of the landscape.


Courtyard Garden Design using pavers , Sheldon Landscape, Lake Geneva

Additionally, courtyard gardens tie in other garden features such as decorative arbors, pergolas and fences and eliminate the need for grass by including decorative hardscape material and plants. Both formal and informal spaces can be designed and are determined based on the type of layout, symmetry of space, plant materials selected and simplicity of design. A beautiful courtyard garden always enhances the entire garden as it ties in all the architectural aspects of the home.



Courtyard Design using blue stone and crushed blue stone pattern, Sheldon Landscape, Lake Geneva



Courtyard Design using pergola and vines, Sheldon Landscape, Lake Geneva

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A lush and restful garden provides a place for a family to retreat from their busy lives says Emily Hutchinson, a Houzz contributor. When you need a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, a leafy garden oasis can be the perfect hideaway, read more:


Colorful and Green Garden with Pond, Sheldon Landscape, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin



Garden Design, Sheldon Landscape, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin



Lakefront Design, Sheldon Landscape, Lake Geneva

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Fragrance in the Garden

Most gardens are planned for visual appeal, but using scent as a guideline further enhances the outdoor experience.  There are trees, shrubs, vines, perennials and annuals that provide unique scents to enjoy throughout the season. Smell and memory are closely linked.


Sheldon Landscape, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

A particular smell can transport you back to a moment, place or relationship. What better way to remember a wonderful moment than replicating that scent in your own garden. We find some of the most common requests for plants with scent include Lilacs, Roses and assorted climbing vines. But the inventory goes far beyond this short list. There are many other shrubs that offer sweet scents throughout their growing period. Also, the list of perennials and annuals that provide scent is extensive. Gardin Guides website: and Better Homes and Garden's website:  are just two sites that provide lists of fragrant plants to add a whole new level of enjoyment taking your garden beyond its visual beauty. 


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11 Inspiring Garden Ideas For Your Home

So take a break from your usual routine and have a peek at these green hideaways and retreats that are perfect for rediscovering your creativity. Luisa Rollenhagen, a Houzz contibutor wants to know which one inspires you most? Read more:


Lake Geneva Gardens, Sheldon Landscape


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The garden bursts into bloom, the garden centers open with cool-season annuals beckoning and gardening begins in earnest, says Barbara Pintozzi, a Houzz Contributor.  Pintozzi says, watch your garden light up with bulbs, go wild for wildflowers and more.  Here is what to see and do in April. Read more:


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How to Replace Your Lawn With a Garden

New project for a new year - repalce your lawn with a garden. Lose the turfgrass for energy savings, wildlife friendliness and lower maintenance. June Scott, a Houzz Contributor, shares how a well-designed landscape can often look more at home converting all or part of a lawn to a more diverse planting with multiple benefits — from an expanded wildlife habitat to less frequent maintenance.

Read and See more:

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15 Ideas to Try in Your Garden This Year

With the days growing longer and spring edging nearer, it’s a nice time to think about any changes you may want to make — big or small, ecological or just for fun. Winter is far from over in many regions, so while you’re still cozy inside, says Annie Thornton, a Houzz Editorial Staff writer.  Annie continues and shares 15 ideas from the most liked gardening ideabooks of 2014. It was definitely the year of edibles and gardening for wildlife - bees and butterflies, but then there was greywater and how to get the flower bed just right. Read on to see what excited people about gardening:  Click the link after each caption for the full story.


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Dream Spaces: A Secret Garden of Your Own

We can indulge in our own secret gardenscape.  Kate McKee, a Houzz contributor, says with a little imagination you can.  Read and see more:

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Secret Garden, Barrington, IL., Schmechtig Landscapes.  Sheldon Landscape is part of the Schmechtig Landscapes family of companies.


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6 Unsung Bulbs for Fall Planting

Don't hang up your spade after summer — plant these unusual bulbs in fall for a spectacular spring show, says LuAnn Brandsen, a Houzz Contributor.  Next year's garden may seem far away, but you can get it off to a great start by planting spectacular bulbs this fall. Check out these unique and beautiful spring flowers to consider:

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Height and generous flower heads earn Arnoglossum atriplicifolium the attention of both human and insect visitors, says Heather Holm, a Houzz contributor, read more:


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