Look Beyond the Fence Line For Garden Design Inspiration

Wednesday, 05 April 2017 16:24
Sheldon Landscape Lake Geneva SInce 1979 Sheldon Landscape Lake Geneva SInce 1979

Nearby landscapes and wild habitats can inspire your garden design and help welcome even more wildlife says Benjamin Vogt, a Houzz Contributor.  Vogt continues, we all want to help wildlife and see it thrive in our gardens. Providing native plants that pollinators know and have evolved with is critical, as is matching the right plants to the site conditions. But it’s not just plant selection we should think about when encouraging wildlife. We should also think about what habitats they use. In particular, we should notice what wild and human-made landscapes occur around our homes, and how we can strengthen, extend or replicate those landscapes in our gardens to encourage more wildlife like birds, frogs and beneficial insects to visit.  Here are 4 areas to consider:
1. Extend a tree line.
2. Augment or build a hedgerow.
3. Connect to a meadow or prairie.
4. Miniaturize a pond or wetland.

Read and see more of Benjamin Vogt ideas here: https://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/80931446/list/for-garden-design-inspiration-look-beyond-the-fence-line


Sheldon Landscape, Lake Geneva



Sheldon Landscape, Lake Geneva